Salt Removers


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CHLOR*TEST™ CSN (9992262 - 5 Test, 9992263 Refill) - The World's most complete salt field test for surfaces.

Available In:

  • Kit (5 Test)
  • Kit Refill (1 Test)
Recommended for surface testing on:
  • Bridges
  • Ships
  • Power Plants
  • Pipelines
  • and more…
  • EPA Compliant - No need to select a low or high range. Meters range is 0-100ppm with auto ZEROING.
  • Digital Direct Readings with a large 3½ digital display incorporating low-battery warning.
  • European CE Mark of compliance for electromagnetic compatibility and safety.
  • Quantative results are achieved in minutes. Each kit contains (5) individual tests with new refill kits available.

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