Concrete Repair

Match Patch

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TARGET® Match Patch (9991102) - TARGET® Match Patch Patching Concrete consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, fine aggregate and admixtures. The concrete will be fast setting and have high strength and little or no plastic shrinkage. An air-entraining agent is included in this product to give improved resistance to freezing and thawing.

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 56 bags/pallet
  • To repair honeycombing, rock pockets, chips, spalls and minor accidental damage in concrete structures.
  • To plug form tile holes and other small holes in concrete and masonry.
  • To point joints in masonry, concrete pipe or precast concrete units.
  • As a polymer-modified concrete repair or resurfacing material when mixed with a blend of 1 part TARGET Polymer Bonding Agent to 3 parts water by volume and applied in thicknesses of up to 19mm (¾ inch).
  • To anchor posts, signs, railings and other fixtures in concrete or masonry.
  • ft³/bag = 0.48 (at stiff plastic consistency)