DRYMIX Premium Colour Pigments

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DRYMIX Brand Premium Colour Pigments (various) - are select prime colour pigments. These oxide pigments are beneficiated to strict control standards by world-class colour producers and are manufactured for use in cement-based mixes. Manufactured by Target

Available In:

  • Plastic bags (packaged 12 per box)
Used For:
  • Creating integral colour to DRYMIX Brand TECHTURE finish coat stucco and DRYMIX Brand Parging mix.
  • DRYMIX Premium Colour Pigments are blended in a high intensity blender and then compared to standards to ensure that each colour pack is representative to the standard.
  • All DRYMIX Colour is added at the rate of one pack for two - 40kg bags of the correct DRYMIX TECHTURE Base or DRYMIX Parging Mix.
  • Colour consistency of the finished job, is a product of mix, application and base consistency. Water quantity, drying conditions, or speed of take-up, are important to colour consistency. The thickness and texture consistency of the base as well as the thickness and texture of the finish are also important factors.

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