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DRYMIX TECHTURE™ 200 Finish Coat Stucco

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DRYMIX Brand TECHTURE™ 200 Finish Coat Stucco (405387) - is designed and manufactured to be the final coat in a three coat Stucco Application. DRYMIX TECHTURE Finish Coat Stucco was designed for use with DRYMIX Brand Premium Colour Pigments. Manufactured by Target

Available In:

  • 40 kg (88 lbs) 40 bags/pallet
Used For:
  • TECHTURE 200 Finish Coat Stucco is a thoroughly blended, cement based mixture for use as a final or finishing coat in 3 coat Portland cement plaster.
  • for use over properly applied “brown coat”
  • Provides consistency in quality of mix.
  • Provides consistent results with the addition of colour.
  • Provides for ease of application with consistent results.
  • DRYMIX TECHTURE Bases’ are complete except for measured amounts of clean potable water and desired colour pigment.
  • Base 200 (T200) light grey mixture - do not add any other ingredients.
  • Each 40 kg (88 lb) bag of DRYMIX TECHTURE will cover approximately 6.5 - 7.5 m2 (70 80 ft2) at 3 mm (⅛ inch) thickness.