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August 2017

Surrey, BC holds the 2017 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500®

Surrey, BC —The 2017 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® British Columbia Regional Competition was held at Trowel Trades Training Association, in Surrey, BC on August 19th. 6 teams of brick masons and tenders vied for a competition spot in the 2018 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 World Championship Competition held in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, they will compete for over $100,000 in cash and prizes including a new 2018 Ford F-250 XLT 4x4 truck.

Riel Voigt, a mason with S&S Masonry, Langley, BC, and his mason tender Josh Shelley, edged out the rest of the competition to take home first place. His net count of 697 brick got the job done. Not only did first place carry the opportunity to compete in the 2018 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 in Las Vegas for Riel, but it also came with a $500 cash prize and a paid trip to Las Vegas. The SPEC MIX TOP CRAFTSMAN Award went to Matt McDougall, of Pacific Coast Masonry, Mission, BC earning him $400. Matt McDougall also finished as runner up taking home an additional $300. Third place went to mason Jan Van Tunen of Van Tunen Masonry, Langley, BC, who received $200.

Right from the start it was a fast and furious race between Riel and Jan.  Several years ago Riel apprenticed under Jan, it was like the student racing against his teacher.  In the end the student won.  The six masons impressed the crowds by laying a combined total of 3,154 brick in 60 minutes.  Thank you to all of our valued sponsors.  Hinterland Masonry Supplies supplied the CMU and I-XL Building Products the brick that was used during the competition.  The BBQ was sponsored by BC Brick Supplies. All of the competitors were presented with a Level Kit from Stabila and Tool Bag from Brock White.  Equipment and planks were donated by SMD Masonry.  The TTTA donated mud boards, shovels and brick tongs that were used during the event. The 2017 SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500 BC Regional was hosted at the Trowel Trades Training Association.  The TTTA is an industry training authority accredited institution located in Surrey, BC.  The TTTA offers apprenticeship training in bricklaying, cement finishing, plastering, stone masonry and tile setting.  AGF Access setup one of their HydroMobile machines.  Multiquip sent us two mixers and mud tubs to accommodate the mixing and production of several tons of SPEC MIX Portland Lime Sand Type S  Premium Mortar used by all the bricklayers.

Final Results:

First Place
Mason – Riel Voigt - 697 Brick
Tender – Josh Shelley
S&S Masonry, Langley, BC

Mason – Matt McDougall - 457 Brick
Tender – Ryan Andres
Pacific Coast Masonry

2nd Place
Mason – Matt McDougall - 457 Brick
Tender – Ryan Andres
Pacific Coast Masonry, Mission, BC

3rd Place
Mason – Jan Van Tunen - 295 Brick
Tender – Vincent Van Tunen
Van Tunen Masonry, Langley, BC


For more details about this event go to
For further information view the 2017 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER World Championship Magazine

Carlos Zamora
The QUIKRETE® Companies
C: 604-368-6402

February 2017

Target Flowcrete with Fume – Highest Qualification!

Target Products (Quikrete Canada) would like to announce that after exhaustive testing our Flowcrete with Fume product meets all the stipulations of Concrete Exposure Classification C-XL (CSA A23.1).

C-XL Concrete is the highest Exposure Classification demanded by Engineers who require their concrete to be of the utmost quality. This classification includes structurally reinforced concrete exposed to chlorides or other severe environments with or without freezing and thawing conditions, with higher durability performance expectations than the C-1, A-1 or S-1 classes, and not limited to structurally reinforced concrete exposed to chlorides with or without freezing and thawing conditions. For example: bridge decks, parking decks and ramps, portions of marine structures located within the tidal and splash zones, concrete exposed to seawater spray or seawater immersion, and salt water pools.

This product is also suitable for use in structurally reinforced concrete exposed to severe manure and/or silage gases, with or without freeze-thaw exposure and includes concrete exposed to the vapour above municipal sewage or industrial effluent, where hydrogen sulphide gas may be generated.
For more information or a site visit, contact Jack Torok, Industrial Products Technical Representative.  

March 2016

SR-520 Floating Bridge Replacement & HOV Program Seattle WA

The SR-520 Floating Bridge Replacement and HOV Program is currently being constructed by Kiewit Constructors, General Manson Constructors and Flatiron Steel Works Co. as a joint venture project.

It is being built to enhance public safety and mobility by replacing the highway's aging, vulnerable current SR-520 Bridge and making significant transit and roadway improvements throughout the East - West corridor.

The bridge runs between the communities of Medina/Bellevue across Lake Washington and into the Downtown Seattle core. The construction program's planned improvements extend from I-5 in Seattle to I-405 in Bellevue.

Products used:  Target PEG, Flowcrete
Salesperson:   Jack Torok, Quikrete Vancouver.
Lead Engineer:   Keith Kirby, P. Eng.
Kiewit Constructors
Contractor:   Kiewit Constructors, General Manson, Flatiron Steel Joint Venture
Owner:   Washington State DOT


Frac Plant, Alberta

In 2013, Target Products Ltd. commissioned a new frac plant, 37 kms north of Fort Saskatchewan, AB utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to produce very clean and precisely sized frac sand. The frac plant has a 275,000 tonne annual capacity of high quality subrounded frac sand in the 12-20 to 40-70 size range for use in oil and natural gas wells in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. They are in the process of producing 100 mesh frac from a new deposit. This plant complements their existing industrial sand plant in Morinville AB, 20 kms north of Edmonton, which produces many specialty sand products for the abrasive, filtration, golf, traction and other dedicated industries. Please contact or for further information.

February 2013

Target Traffic Patch Coarse in use on the Nicomekl Bridge

The Nicomekl Bridge was built in 1939 to allow vehicle traffic easier access to the White Rock and South Surrey areas. The bridge is also a common connector from the South Surrey area to Highway 99 and King George Highways, and as such has a vehicle crossing it an average of 1- every minute over a 24 hour period.

The bridge utilized creosote coated pilings which were driven into the marshy soil which supported a wooden beam bridge. The bridge originally supported a wooden deck, but as time went by, the bridge had a standard concrete deck applied to it. The problem with that was there was continual movement in the bridge due to the soft soils; the deck soon cracked and was repeatedly patched over a 60 year period. Mainroad Contracting was the bridge contractor that was charged with overseeing maintenance.

Throughout the various patches of every type of repair material, the only product that did not denigrate despite heavy vehicle traffic was Target’s Traffic Patch Coarse. As the owner of the bridge,  BC MOT was well aware of Target Traffic Patch as it is the most commonly used patching material for bridges throughout British Columbia, but it had never been used as a complete deck overlay material due to its rapid set times. Keith Kazakoff of BC Ministry of Transport conferred with Jack Torok of Target Products as to the possibility of utilizing Traffic Patch for an entire deck.

Through discussions as to how to best approach completing such a job, the challenges were overcome and it was soon realized that Traffic Patch could be used for the entire deck. The Nicomekl Bridge has had the new deck in use since January 2013. BC MOT has attended many site visits and can attest to the fact that the Traffic Patch is holding up exceptionally well.

Traffic Patch at Site
Deck overlay proceeds as Masonry Mixers
handle the mixing.

Installation of Traffic Patch
Work commences on the Traffic Patch overlay


May 5 - 10, 2012

Post Tensioning Institute's Annual Convention

This May 5th through the 10th in Nashville TN, The Post Tension Institute held it's annual convention and technical seminars, along with conducting their Technical Committees covering all aspects of Post Tension Construction. We are pleased to announce that Target/Quikrete's Jack Torok has been asked to become a sitting Board Member on the PTI Committee. For all information regarding post tensioning and specifications, go to:

November 2011

Port Mann Bridge Construction Project

The original Port Mann Bridge was constructed from 1957 to 1964 and opened it's four lanes to traffic in June of that year. Original estimates of vehicular crossings in 1964 were 13,000 trips per day. With the addition of an HOV lane in 2001, The Port Mann's vehicular crossings exceeded 127,000 trips per day in 2010. The bridge became over worked and became a choke point for the flow of goods and services for the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley markets.

On January 31, 2006 the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation introduced the Gateway Highway Expansion Program as a means to address growing congestion. The project originally envisioned twinning the Port Mann Bridge by building a second bridge adjacent to it but the project has been changed to building a 10-lane replacement bridge, claimed to be the widest in Canada, and demolishing the original bridge. The PMH1 project adds another HOV lane and provides cycling access. The plan also calls for re-introduced bus service to the Port Mann Bridge for the first time in over 20 years.

Crucial in it's Post Tension design is the use of tensioned strands which "cinch" together the structure once erected. Even more crucial is the selection of the Post Tension Grout to be utilized in the encasement of the strands to ensure no corrosion occurs, thereby weakening the support. With this in mind, Peter Kiewit/Flatiron Consortium Group put out Tenders for the supply of a premium Post Tension Grout.

The Bidding for the supply of this grout was intense as suppliers across North America vied to be awarded this contract. Kiewit/Flatiron conducted many tests and stringently evaluated all products and the overwhelming winner was Target's 1121 Post Tension Cable Duct Grout. To date, Target's 1121 Cable Duct Grout has performed beyond expectations often allowing for faster grouting of the long Post Tension Ducts.

Port Mann
View from the Coquitlam side of the Bridge
(50% completed)
Port Mann Truck
Target 1121 and Grout Mixer
on truck sitting on deck of Bridge.


November 15, 2010

TARGET® supports BC Place

BC Place has been the centerpiece of Vancouver's Downtown core since June 1983. Since that time it has seen numerous BC Lions football games, Tradeshows, Concert Events and Vancouver Whitecaps games, but it has also been left largely unchanged since it's opening. Pavco (BC Pavilion Corporation) and our Provincial Government decided it was time for a complete renovation.  The partnership approved the funding envelope for a $365-million upgrade of BC Place, which will include a new retractable roof.

BC Place Renovation
BC Place Stadium

The new roof installation required enormous base plates to support the many towers from which the new roof would be hung. These base plates require full bearing underneath as any sort of movement could cause erratic swaying of the new roof and a possible failure. PCL and Bosa Construction consulted with Jack Torok of Target Products/Quikrete for a grout recommendation. After viewing schematics of the proposed area and a thorough site visit, Jack Torok recommended Target's Flowcrete with Fume for complete repairs to the area removed when the original roof was taken away and Target's Portland Expanding Grout for the bearing pad under the base plates. Grouting operations commenced in June 2010 and were completed skilfully by Bosa Construction’s grouting crews. TROW Associates were contracted to conduct the meticulous testing on the selected Target products.

Test results not only confirmed the desired flowability of the product but also showed that the product far exceeded the published data, providing additional reassurance to the contractor, BC Pavilion Corporation and the many future guests of BC Place.

Flowcrete at BC Place
Flowcrete at top of BC Place

Base Plates
Installation of Base Plates at BC Place

January 18, 2010

Target's Machine Base Grout- Delta Port - British Columbia

Delta, British Columbia

February 2009 and Levelton Consultants were looking at a grout specification for grouting under the crane rails for the new third berth at Delta Port.

They needed a high strength grout that would be subject to heavy cyclical loads as the new cranes would be able to lift larger loads than their other cranes. Though scrutinizing many products, many would not meet the tight specification.

In discussion with Jack Torok of Target Products/Quikrete, TARGET Machine Base Grout was selected but not before under going analysis by various test methods. Throughout April and into May, the tests were analyzed and TARGET Machine Base Grout not only met the requirements but well exceeded them.

Grouting commenced in earnest in late April and was completed by June 2009. From all final testing that was conducted on site, the product performed admirably. Deltaport's Third Berth opened to much fanfare and business on January 18, 2010.

Delta Port Terminal
Existing Delta Port Terminal - 2009
Delta Port Setting Plate
Setting the plate for the Rail

Pumping Target Machine Base Grout
Grout Mixer. Target Machine Base Grout Bags in foreground

Pumping Machine Base Grout
Pumping TARGET® Machine Base
Grout under crane rail

For further information on this product, TARGET® Machine Base Grout, contact Jack Torok @ 1.800.575.7700

September 1, 2008

Target's 1121 Cable Duct Grout - The William R. Bennett Bridge

Kelowna, British Columbia

The William R Bennett Bridge was constructed to be a center piece of the Okanagan's busy transportation infrastructure. Its workload would consist of greater than 50,000 vehicles daily. With the selection of SNC Lavalin to design, build, finance and operate the new bridge, immense pressure was placed upon the group of the many contractors to complete the bridge on time, on budget and with emphasis on quality construction to allow the new bridge to perform a long time in service.

With this in mind, one of the key components of the design was to have a high quality Post Tension Cable Duct Grout utilized for grouting in the duct work as well as tendons in each of the pre cast concrete sections. To qualify the various manufacturers' grouts that existed in the market place, testing had to be conducted.

After reducing the list to three quality manufacturers, the grout was tested in real world trials. Harris Rebar, in co-operation with Target's Jack Torok and Richard Atkinson, commenced testing at Vancouver Wharves in North Vancouver . Harris Rebar was responsible for grouting and was therefore responsible for full testing of the final selected grout. Target's 1121 Cable Duct Grout not only showed superior flowability characteristics, but was the only grout that could completely fill the ducts without leaving any void space as well as fully encapsulating the steel strands it also or showed no sign of bleed water, even under high pressure grouting.

Kelowna Bridge Construction
Kelowna Floating Bridge Construction - Sept 2007

Viewing Outflow Valves
Viewing Outflow Valves on Pontoon 7
William R. Bennett Bridge 2008
William R. Bennett Bridge in use September 2008

In the myriad of different products used for the construction of this bridge, the Target Brands included: Target Portland Expanding Grout, Target Aquaplug, Target Sacking Mix, Target Silica Sand, and Target 1121 Cable Duct Grout. For further information on any of these products, contact Jack Torok @ 1.800.575.7700

February 8, 2008

Acquisition of TARGET® Products Ltd. enables The QUIKRETE® Companies to expand into Western Canada

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Target Products, Ltd., the leading producer of dry mix concrete and cement related products in Western Canada, announced today that it has been acquired by The QUIKRETE® Companies, North America's largest manufacturers of packaged concrete.

"The QUIKRETE® Companies are known for offering superior quality, product depth and distribution capability," said Neil Duke, former principal of Target Products. "We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the continued growth and availability of this highly respected brand in the Canadian commercial building and home improvement industries."


New use for proven product - Portland Expanding Grout

Campbell River, British Columbia

International Construction Services, contracted by the Sonora Lodge in Campbell River BC were working on a deck for their resort. After speaking with Target's Jack Torok, the product Portland Expanding Grout was recommended for the tops of the columns (as a leveling base) and also between the pre-cast panels to fill the space between the panels. Installation was successful and progressed slightly ahead of schedule. Portland Expanding Grout is working very well for International Construction Services. Here are some photographs of the completed project.

Portland Expanding Grout - Sonora Portland Expanding Grout - Sonora Portland Expanding Grout - Sonara


New Product - Vertical Overhead (V/O) Repair Mortar

A long awaited product, Target's new Vertical/Overhead Repair Mortar has been in formulation and testing for over three years. Helen Zeng (R& D Senior Materials Engineer) had managed to formulate a product that was sticky enough to be applied overhead yet still be workable that it could be troweled and finished to a smooth appearance. The question... were there enough sales to justify it's existence?

The answer came by way of a phone call from Phil Beedle, Senior Construction Engineer from BC Hydro to Jack Torok (Target's Industrial Sales Technical Representative). BC Hydro's power station, The Cheakamus Power Generating Station, 10 kilometers west of Squamish, was constructed in 1959 to supply the timber mills of Squamish and send excess power to Vancouver. By 2005 it had grown to supply power to the entire communities of Squamish, Whistler and still send excess power to Vancouver. Unfortunately the exterior of the plant was left largely neglected and was in bad need of refinishing. BC Hydro originally bantered around Shotcreting the wall, but this would be next to impossible considering they are situated on a salmon spawning river. The V/O Repair Mortar made perfect sense. The first trial of the V/O Repair Mortar was done in October of 2004 on an exposed concrete wall at the plant to determine if the product could withstand a cold winter along with the varying temperatures that occur in that valley. After a site visit in January and again in May, the product came through with flying colours. BC Hydro was sold on using the V/O Repair Mortar. They ordered up 5 pallets of the material and began and completed the entire job in little over a week. The application crew stated that they have never used a product that mixed up as easy and was as quick to use with excellent results as Target's V/O Repair Mortar.

Vertical Overhead Mortar Vertical Overhead Mortar Vertical Overhead Mortar


Target solves underwater grouting problems in San Francisco Bay

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a beautiful city famous for both the bay it is named after and the bridges that cross it. As is the case with all bridges, particularly those over salt water and in very active seismic areas, these structures needed upgrading. The longest of these bridges is the one between Richmond and San Rafael. The upgrading of this structure is a $450,000,000 U.S. project that requires an extraordinary amount of work on the piers below the low tide line. This is an environmentally sensitive area and the work had to be carried out while the bridge was still in service. To address these and other problems the owner developed a specification for the grout required in the annular space between the existing pier and the new seismic collars. Target Products got the call to design a grout to meet that design specification and the placability requirements of the contractor. The result was Target Anti-Washout Grout.

Target started supplying material in September of 2001 and will continue until this phase of the project was complete, in 2004.

San Rafael Bridge


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