Antamina, Peru

On-Site Dry-Shotcrete Production at Kemano Plant, Kitimat (BC)


Intake and exhaust tunnels and powerhouse for the KEMANO Hydroelectric Plant (near Kitimat, BC)




Alcan - K.C.P. (Kemano Completion Project)






Approximately 6,000 cubic yards in 200 days


Target Products Limited designed, built and operated its own batch plant which was erected at the site.

  • Shotcrete Concentrate (a mixture of cement and all necessary admixtures) was brought to site in pre-dosed bulk bags.

  • Gravel and sand available on site were dried and sieved to attain a recommended ACI No2 shotcrete gradation.

  • Dry shotcrete was available to the contractor at all times from a 50 cubic yard silo erected just outside the mine.

  • Shotcrete was taken into the mine in auger trucks operated by the contractor - trucks were gravity loaded at the silo in less than 15 minutes.

  • The shotcrete plant was fully operational only 7 weeks after placing of the order.

Kemano - General View Kemano Batching System
General view of the shotcrete drying and
batching plant at Kemano
Proportioning and batching system used to produce steel fibre reinforced shotcrete.


Kemano Storage Silo Kemano Auger Truck
Shotcrete storage silo available to contractor
24 hours a day with dry and warm shotcrete

Detail of auger truck being loaded
from shotcrete silo.

Kemano Schematic

Schematic plan view of the KEMANO plant.