• Target Products is a total materials supplier for golf course construction and maintenance requirements.  USGA or other specifications are guaranteed for our sand/peat blending, topdressing sands, choker materials, pea gravels, fairway blended products, divot mix and bunker sands.
  • Target's Industrial and Commercial Division supplies a wide variety of Structural Grouts, Floor Levellers, Patching and Repair products. We can also design and produce to meet exact specifications for all your Heavy Commercial requirements.
  • Target Products has been supplying shotcrete, silica fume, fibre and set accelerator to the mining industry since 1979. Our technical support staff including engineers, chemists and field technicians combined with our capital commitment on equipment, gives us the ability provide quality services worldwide.
  • Target Products has worked with customers to design and fabricate equipment meeting specific needs associated with the handling of our products. As a joint venture partner, Target Products has designed and built complete drying, screening, batching and packaging plants.

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Come join a profitable, stable, growing family-friendly firm with interesting & fast-paced work.

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Golf Industry
Target & you

You are looking for:

  • A profitable, stable, growing, family-friendly firm with interesting, fast-paced work
  • A flexible work environment that allows work/life balance
  • Working with a group of vivacious, hard-working and fun people
  • A successful company which has been in business since 1961
  • A company that produces leading edge technology and products in their industry
  • Opportunities for continuous improvement
  • A medium-sized company with a small family company feel

We are looking for:

  • Qualified, ambitious and driven candidates
  • Professional individuals with high ethical standards
  • Employees that strive for quality and efficiency
  • Innovative people who seek continuous improvement
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Target recruitment process

1) Find the Right Opportunity for You

Read our available job postings online and conduct a bit of research by reading some of the information posted on our website to ensure that you find an opportunity that is well-suited to you.

2) Apply

Send in your cover letter, resume, and other supporting documents (if requested in the job posting) to our Careers Inbox. Please remember to quote the appropriate reference number on your application.

3) Telephone, Email, or In-Person Screening Interview

Once we receive applications, we will shortlist and screen qualified candidates. We usually ask a few questions about your experience and what you are looking for, but nothing too in-depth or technical. This is usually a short and friendly conversation with someone in Human Resources (or an email pre-screening questionnaire) - just a chance for us to get to learn a little more about you.

4) Job Assessments (when applicable)

Depending on the position and skills required, you may be asked to do an assessment in order for us to evaluate your abilities. Examples include: writing a sample proposal, completing a drafting test, or testing your computer skills.

5) Interview

Once candidates are passed through the screening and job assessment when applicable, they move on to the final interview. Interviews are usually conducted with the incumbent's supervisor(s) and sometimes also someone from Human Resources. Here they will ask you questions relating specifically to the skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes and experience necessary for the job and determine if there is a fit with Target.

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Target Benefits

Comprehensive Benefits Plan & Competitive Wages
Target offers a strong benefits package after completion of a 3-month probationary period. Benefits include medical, dental, vision insurance and a subsidized registered retirement savings plan.

Social Events for Employees & Families
There are several company wide, company sponsored employee appreciation events including barbeques, pancake breakfasts, picnics, catered lunches, golf tournaments, and annual parties.

Wellness Program
Target promotes the health and well-being of all employees. The company subsidizes employees who take the initiative to live a healthier lifestyle by participating in a fitness, weight loss, and/or smoking cessation program.

We say "Thank you!" when a job is well done and celebrate achievements through employee reward programs. Co-workers nominate recipients to acknowledge remarkable effort for items beyond the call of duty. We also observe employment milestones with special recognition and rewards.

Training & Development Opportunities
Target sponsors employees who successfully complete (pre-approved) work-related courses and training. By encouraging the growth of our employees, we hope to enable employees to better succeed at their current and future positions within Target.

We Give Back to the Community
We like to bring awareness to the causes that our employees are champions for and we do so by posting events in our company newsletter. Target encourages our employees to support causes in our communities and give recognition to those individuals.

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Target values

Respect for People
Target believes in putting trust in the people that we deal with and always acting in good faith. We appreciate individual differences and recognize the distinct choices of each person. In doing so, we celebrate the diversity - in generations, ethnicities, and backgrounds - in our organization. We respect all those we deal with, including employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities that we affect.

Uncompromising Integrity
Target lives its values and believes in operating in a responsible way that promotes sustainability and ethical business transactions.

Health, Safety, and Wellness
In order to create the quality products and provide the exceptional service we promote, we depend on able, healthy, and energized employees. Target is committed to the safety of all our employees with our strong focus on the Joint Health and Safety Coordinator and guidance from our Safety Coordinator. To promote further wellness, the company subsidizes employees who take the initiative to live a healthier lifestyle by participating in a fitness, weight loss, and/or smoking cessation program.

Open Communications
In order to effectively sustain a diverse and efficient work environment, Target considers open communication to be a priority. This includes being receptive and considerate to others ideas and sincerely imparting your own thoughts. In supporting this initiative, the company has provided employees with various communication workshops.

Target employees demonstrate and surpass the skill, knowledge, and associated character that would be expected. We conduct ourselves in a manner that would reflect Target's values.

Outstanding Quality
Quality is one of our keys to success, which have enabled us to grow and expand from a small company. To ensure that our customers keep coming back to us we must uphold our high quality standards.

Exceptional Service
Another one of our keys to success has been providing exceptional service to our customers - from providing excellent technical information, creating custom products, to our friendly staff.

We strive to provide the best products possible and to keep a step ahead of our customers' needs. Our Research and Development team works diligently in designing new and improved products to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.

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Departments within the Target Group of Companies

These are the departments within the company and what we look for within the department when choosing new reruits. Please browse through the job posting to view current openings.

With our various products and divisions, Target requires knowledgeable sales people to work our inside and outside sales functions. Our sales people interact with various customers, including end users, retailers, contractors, and other distributors. Some positions require a fair amount of travel and technical expertise. The Sales department focuses on developing relationships by providing exceptional customer service, expertly handling accounts, and effective marketing techniques.

  • What we look for:
  • A passion for and experience in customer service, sales, and marketing
  • Terrific interpersonal skills and communication abilities
  • Experience in a related industry

Finance & Administration
With various locations throughout BC and Alberta, administrative and finance support is required in all our offices. This includes accounting, reception, and other support staff.

  • What we look for:
  • An accounting or administration background
  • Highly organized individuals with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Human Resources
The Human Resources department is critical for acquiring and retaining the right people for Target. This includes bringing new talent onboard, administering the employee benefits programs, running the employee recognition program, overseeing union matters, and other various employment related issues.

  • What we look for:
  • An degree or diploma in HR or a related discipline
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and strong communication skills
  • Experience in Human Resources management

The Engineering department designs and builds for not only Target but also for outside clients as well. The process includes everything from design, drawings, planning, to the actual fabrication. Various kinds of engineers are required to pull a project together and a group effort is necessary, as well as communication with the client.

  • What we look for:
  • An engineering degree and background
  • Strong communication skills and self-initiative
  • Experience in a related field is preferred

Being a company that relies on the products it manufactures, a great production team is essential. The production team works with various equipment, systems, and products to create our high quality materials. We put a great emphasis on the safety and well-being of our employees in order to get the best products for our customers.

  • What we look for:
  • Labour or production experience
  • An excellent work ethic
  • Physical ability

Information Technology
The IT department helps to assess the technological needs of our growing company in order for us to operate at an optimal capacity. This includes ensuring that all employees have the necessary hardware, software and knowledge to be able to do their jobs.

  • What we look for:
  • IT Technical support education experience
  • Excellent customer service abilities and problem-solving skills

Quality Assurance/Research and Development
To ensure that our customers receive the best products that we can produce, our products and ingredients are regularly tested to ensure that the meet or exceed the high standards we have presented to our customers. At the same time, Target also wants to develop innovating new products in order to fulfill unmet customer needs in our R&D department.

  • What we look for:
  • Background in quality control or engineering with relevant education, training and experience
  • Attention to detail, innovation, and creativity

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Target Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of Target?
In 2008 the Target Group of Companies was acquired by The QUIKRETE® Companies Inc. Up to this time Target Products Ltd. was a privately held Canadian company incorporated in 1961.

How is Target structured?
The three former principals of Target each take an active interest in the operations and have worked in the operations for over 25 years. One is the VP Operations who oversees Production and Engineering, another is the VP Sales Manager who oversees the Sales Divisions, Finance and Administration and one is the Managing Director of Target Technologies International Inc.

The Target Group of Companies is made up of five companies and numerous other joint ventures, including Target Products Ltd, Target Technologies Inc and GT Commodities. All are owned by QUIKRETE® Canada Holdings, Inc.

Target Products Ltd. manufactures cementitious materials for various industries including: industrial, forestry, mining, golf course, civil construction, abrasives and the do-it-yourself market.

Target Technologies International Inc. is a virtual sales and marketing company that supplies products and chain management logistics services for the artificial sports field industry.

GT Commodities Ltd. is Target's own transportation group. We approach our freight with the same quality assurance programs that all our high specification customers demand. In order to provide our customers with the best service and/or delivery, we approach every customer's haul with the same service priorities as we do with our own internal transportation.

Where are Target's locations?

  • Target Products Ltd. has plants and offices located in:
  • Abbotsford, British Columbia - Target Inside Sales office and Processing Plant, Forge Industrial, GT Commodities.
  • Burnaby, British Columbia - Target Administration, Corporate Sales offices and Target Technologies
  • Calgary, Alberta - Plant and office
  • Morinville, Alberta - Plant and office

Abbotsford is located in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas and near the U.S. border. It is nestled in a pastoral setting between several majestic snow capped mountains. Abbotsford combines the best of city and country living into one unique lifestyle. It has a mild year round climate, modern facilities and services, rich cultural background and brand new International Airport.

Located just east of the city of Vancouver, Burnaby is a maturing, increasingly integrated community. The City features great shopping, beautiful scenery and parks, rapid transit, major post-secondary institutions and much more. Both the Corporate Sales Office and Target Technologies are within walking distance from the Production way-University Sky train station.

Calgary is Canada's fastest growing city. It is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts, cosmopolitans, families and just about everyone. Calgary offers: a wealth of cultural attractions, diverse restaurants, parks and pathways, specialty shops, trendy night spots and year-round outdoor recreation.

Morinville is a vibrant suburban community located just 15 minutes northeast of Edmonton. Morinville's residents are young and family-oriented, with a commitment to keeping the town safe and neighbourly. Some of the town's many advantages include: high quality education, wide range of recreational activities, excellent transportation linkages and an exciting future.

We also have two joint venture plants in Tumwater, WA (Mutual-Target LLC) and Saskatoon, SK (Cindercrete Mining Supplies).

What are Target's philanthropies and causes?
Some organizations that we've helped are: B.C. Children's Hospital, Vancouver Voices, SPCA, CARES (Canadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter), Operation Christmas Child, Marguerite Dixon Transition House, ADRA International, Canadian Red Cross and MS Society..

Why should I choose Target?
We are a rapidly growing company that supplies hundreds of quality products to people throughout Canada, the United States and worldwide. We are the leader in do-it-yourself concrete building supplies and play sand in Western Canada. Now with our association with QUIKRETE® who have been in business since 1940, the opportunities are endless. This arrangement will enable this company to grow into larger markets in a more competitive manner and expand into other business opportunities in Canada and the USA.

Target offers:

  • A comprehensive benefits plan & competitive wages
  • Social events for employees & their families
  • A wellness program
  • An employee recognition program
  • Training & development opportunities

How is Target committed to diversity?
A diverse workforce is critical for Target to improve and maintain a competitive advantage. We believe that by maintaining and increasing the diversity of our workforce that our employees can help and challenge one another to reach new heights. Target also believes that diversity is essential for us to succeed in the many industries that we do business in.

What characterizes Target's Culture?
Target is a successful company built from a small family business. Though the company has grown and is still growing rapidly, it has retained the perseverance and strong work ethic which are integral in creating a thriving corporation from humble beginnings. At Target, we strive to balance our passion and energy for work with our zeal for life and fun. This is reflected in Target's culture: a supportive, safe, and stimulating environment with a focus on open communications and the wellbeing of all who work within the Target family.

What is Target's main goal?
To build a sustainable business for the benefit of employees, customers, owners, the community and the environment which we will accomplish by:

  • Providing and ensuring a safe, healthy and satisfying work environment for our employees
  • Attracting, developing and retaining great employees
  • Employing a philosophy of continuous improvement
  • Providing our customers with competitively priced quality products delivered on schedule
  • Demonstrating honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour in our business practices
  • Utilizing the latest technologies concurrently with environmentally sustainable practices

How can I apply for a position with Target?
After reviewing our current job postings, please send applications to careers@targetproducts.com to apply to any position in which you are qualified..

I looked at the job postings but didn't see the right job for me. Are these all your openings?
All open positions are listed on the Career Section of our website and we prefer applications by email.

Should I send a resume anyway?
No. We encourage you to check our Career Section often as new positions are posted as soon as they become available.

How often do you update your job listings?
Job listings are posted as soon as new positions become available.

Can I submit a resume or application in person?
Applications sent via email are preferred. Please visit our Career Section for a listing of open positions and email us your cover letter and resume as an attachment.

What happens after I apply for a job?
We will contact you if your qualifications meet our requirements. Only those individuals under consideration will be contacted.

What characteristics does Target look for in a candidate?

  • We are looking for:
  • Qualified, ambitious, and driven candidates
  • Professional individuals with high ethical standards
  • Employees that strive for quality and efficiency
  • Innovative people who seek continuous improvement

No matter what your vocation, if you see a position that interests you and feel a career with Target Group of Companies is for you, we would love to put you through our recruitment process.

Send in your cover letter, resume, and other supporting documents (if requested in the job posting) to our Careers Inbox. Please remember to quote the appropriate reference number on your application.

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