Antamina, Peru

On-Site Dry-Shotcrete Production at Antamina (Peru)



Antamina is the largest mining project underway in Peru (over USD $2 billion). Shotcrete project involves a decant tunnel and shaft to take excess water from the tailings dam in case of unexpected rainfall.

Tunnel Face
Tunnel face - Type 3 rock
Decant Tunnel




Compañía Minera Antamina
(Noranda - Rio Algom - Teck)
Construction management by Bechtel, USA
Tunnel Design: Golder, Canada


Redpath Mas Errazuriz Peru
RME Project Manager: Denis Blais
Bechtel Project Manager: George Manson


Redpath Mas Errazuriz Peru


Approximately 2,000 cubic meters in 120 days.


High quality dry shotcrete was produced within 7 days of signing of contract, allowing the contractor to have packaged shotcrete at the startup of the project available 24 hours per day at both faces, with zero waiting time for shotcrete production at the site.

Within 30 days the tunnel was progressing at 4 rounds a day and 40 cubic meters of shotcrete were being successfully applied in 24 hours.

  • Target Standards of quality and mix design.
  • Target Set Accelerator, Silica Fume and Steel Fibers were imported into Peru via sea freight and added to Portland Cement and sand conforming to ACI No 2 shotcrete gradation specified by Bechtel.


Tunnel Portal Shotcrete Applied
Tunnel portal Shotcrete applied at Decant Tunnel

Loading Shotcrete Loading Shotcrete
Shotcrete being loaded at Antamina Mine, Peru